Tips For The First Time Hiker On MACHU PICCHU


Machu Picchu is the mountain and place located in the Peru district which is 50 kilometre northwest to Cuzco which is followed the Urubamba river. It is the most familiar sign of the Inca civilisation and got the very important place in the history Peru and world. You should take all the necessary tool and equipment which provide the help during the travelling. You will get the most satisfying and unforgettable experience while climbing on the mountain. The hiker will be experienced with the forest of Machu Picchu and surrounding that will fill your mind with lots of adventure activity.

Tips of Machu Picchu hikers:

  • Book in advance- It is good for the people to get the advance booking because there is limited numbers of entrance each year because to avoid extra tourists that may ruin the trail. So whenever you plan for the travelling to Machu Picchu you should ensure first the availability of the entry.
  • Pick the right travel buddy- To make your journey more joyful get your partner or anyone whom you will see the perfect for the travelling. Getting the right man for travelling will help to enjoy our journey. Pick the person who is having the same taste and likes which help both to pass the time more quickly.
  • Carry the light things- You should not carry more than 9kgs weight in your bags. You should carry the water bottle, snacks, camera and any other light weight thing and make sure avoid heavy luggage.
  • Packing the essentials– You should carry all the necessary wearing garments because mainly you will find the hot temperature during the day and severe cold during the night. Have all the jackets ad shirt that will required during the travelling.

So these are some of the tips for the Machu Picchu hikers which help you lost during the travelling.