Things to do when you are stuck at the airport

Being stuck on an airport is as bad as it can get. Waves of boredom keep hitting you like giant tidal waves hit a shore during a thunderstorm; and no matter how hard you try, there is no way you can leave that damned airport. But you can’t just go rogue and try to jump out the window, proceeding to run out into the wilderness, albeit if any, to escape that sameness. So, what do you while you’re waiting for that flight to negotiate through that strong wind before it lands on this god forsaken airport? Here are a few interesting that you can..

Read a book!

I know I know! Every single one of you out there knew that this was coming. But nonetheless, reading a book is probably the best possible past time for various reasons. For instance, you get to explore an entirely differently account of a place when compared to your version of it. It sure as hell improves ones’ vocabulary, and no one will dare bother you while you’re reading. Hence, it’s a win no matter what. Loose those frowns already.

Call your mom!

Yes! Call the old woman. You probably haven’t called her in a while because you were too busy with your work and everyday life. And all these days the poor old woman was probably thinking about you and making that apple pie you loved so much as a kid. SO pick up that phone and tell her you much you love and appreciate her.


Tweet about it!

Everyone loves the fact how your sarcasm is so on point every time. And let’s face it, that’s probably the only thing they love about you. The brooding and all that swearing aimed at the authorities builds an amazing environment for that killer tweet to grace your account and bring joy to your loyal followers.


We all have to agree on this fact- airports have some amazing food joints. They’re probably better than most joints right at the heart of the city. So, go on and savor that amazing meal because we all know you don’t fly every day and no one knows when will you get the next chance to enjoy those delicacies.

Make long hateful eye-contact with fellow passengers!



Let’s face it.. we all love to prank call Pizza Hut and as them for the contact number of of DominosIt’s good to know that you made someone mad for no apparent reason. So channel that inner devil and bring out the worst, most hateful gaze from the dark pits of your evil heart and focus it on a weak soul and enjoy watching them squirm while you wait for your flight to arrive.