“5 Parameters 3 Seconds” Passengers VS Crews

Passengers VS Crews

Have you ever wondered why crews are forced to greet passengers at the Door? The reason is quite clear. They are to judge you on “5” parameters in just 3 seconds. These 3 seconds are enough for crews to generate ideas on how to prevent problems, going to be caused by fellow passengers.

Are you drunk?

Passengers who are drunk can cause a potential safety and security issue. In such case crews need to evacuate the aircraft, the goal is to do so in 90 seconds, and prevent an unnecessary risk of the life of others because a drunk is being uncooperative.

Are you strong?

Crew member memorizes faces of someone who is muscular, powerful, strong, physically fit, and make deep mental note where they occupied. These persons act as a resource for them. In the event of an attack on the flight, these are the people to whom crews seek help. Help involves restraining an unruly passenger. Hoping it never happens, but crews prepare just in case it does.

Are you sick or disabled?

As for more serious medical issues, Crews Suggest, much rather it be taken care of on the ground where you have access to a doctor or hospital than a medical emergency at 35,000 feet where crews are limited to what they can do for you medically.

Do you speak English?

Quite obvious if the passenger cannot understand English, it’s hard to expect proper response on shouted command. The scenario is no different when it comes to reading instructions on how to open the exits.


Do you look suspicious?

Beyond all of the above specific things, flight crew only needs a few seconds to note if your behavior seems generally somehow… off. Flight crew immediately scans the plane for anyone who appears suspicious — which can sometimes be a matter of simple “gut instinct.


Keeping these parameters,  Qualify yourself as the best passenger in crews eyes…

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